Sunday, August 31, 2008

Carson's New Do

Ok, so on Saturday I mentioned to Chad that we needed to take Carson to get a trim, just a little off the top,and around the ears. So, after going to lunch we stopped by the salon and they were completely booked. I thought oh well, we can just take him next week sometime. So, we get home and I am getting ready for the gym, and Chad says I can give Carson a haircut. I said ok, because Chad has given himself haircuts and does a pretty good job. So I told him to take just an inch off the top and sides, and off I went to the gym. When I get home this is what I see:

(the before)

All of his hair is pretty much gone! Tears were shed! My baby looks like a little boy now, not a baby. I guess Chad's idea of an inch is way different then mine! It's gonna take some getting used to. I kept saying his hair is gone, and Ella reassures me"Mom, he's still Carson."

3 Day Birthday

Chad enjoyed stretching his birthday into 3 days! We started out his birthday celebration, on Thursday night, we went to NYPD pizza with the Moody family to celebrate Chad and Barbara's birthday's. It was so yummy, and lots of fun.On Friday(Chad's birthday) we went to Uno's with the Huber family and some of Chad's friends. Can you tell Chad likes pizza:) Then we went back to his parents house for cake and presents. His mom made the best coffee cake, which is Chad's favorite! On Saturday, we went to the Dbacks vs. Dodgers game. (A present from my parents) It was so much fun, even though they lost, it was still a fun date night. Thanks mom and dad for the tickets, and for babysitting! It was such a fun-filled birthday weekend!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy 29th

Today, Chad turns the big 29! I just want to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He is such a great husband, and the best dad to our dear children. Here are 29 things about the birthday boy, and some of my favorite pictures of him.

1. He loves his family more than anything, and would do anything for them!

2. He is the best dad ever!
3. He always makes up the funniest, most creative games to play with the kids.
4. He has to eat cereal before bed every night, he swears it makes him sleep better.
5. He is such a history buff, if he has the remote in his possession(which is always) it is always on History channel.
6. He is such a great athlete.
7.His favorite foods are pizza, salmon, and cereal
8.He gives the best pedicures, flower and all!
9.Served his mission in Chicago
10. He loves old country music
11.He loves animals, especially cats!
12.Has a phobia of flying.
13.Has a germ phobia, always has a bottle of hand sanitizer with him, and in the car.
14.Loves to eat his cake with milk on top.
15. He knows how to do electrical work, and is quite the handy man
16.Loves Dr. Pepper
17. Has to watch sports center every night before bed( with his bowl of cereal:)
18.Makes the best banana pudding dessert
19.Blackberries are his favorite fruit
20.Loves to play sports(especially softball,and baseball)
21.He is very competitive
22.Has lived in Mesa his whole life
23. Was all around athlete of the year at Mesa Jr. in 9th grade
24.Loves to read (church and history books are his favorite)
25.Is such a good negotiator, makes a great shopping buddy.
26.He has the best family in the world, and married into the best family to :)
27.He has the biggest heart I have ever seen, he really sincerely cares about people and making them happy!
28. He has so much knowledge of the gospel, and teaches me so much!
29. He has a great sense of humor, and is always making everyone laugh!

Happy 29th Chad, Love you!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This Week in Pictures

Not much going on to "blog" about. We have been busy painting our bedroom, Finally after 3 years of living in our house! We have been visiting the AZ Museum for Youth a lot, since it is so dang hot to do much else:) Here are some of the pictures I have taken this past week.

Carson enjoying the Museum

All ready for church, what a stud!

Ella's Favorite thing to do is to climb in Carson's crib, he doesn't seem to mind:)
Ella and Daddy painting

Pretty in pink

Carson playing with Pop Pop

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This is what happens when Carson's cousins get a hold of his hair! I happen to think he makes a very cute girl :)

Hairstylist Kendyl

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mom's Birthday

August is a busy month for us, we have 4 birthdays in our family this month! Today is my mom's birthday, we celebrated by going to Pita Jungle for lunch(yummy, definantely a favorite of mine) .We had such a good time, celebrating my mom's birthday! I truly believe I have the best mom in the world, she is the sweetest, nicest, most generous, self-less etc.etc. The list goes on and on. She is so much fun to be around, and has always been the greatest example to me. She is also the best Grandma too, she sure spoils the kids rotten! She spends her life serving others, and I am always striving to be more like her. Happy Birthday to my dear mom!!

Mom with her adorable grandkids!
Sophie being ADORABLE as always!! The little girls, Ella and Sophie

Carson and cute cousin Kate

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Guess Who's 7 Months???

Things Carson is doing at 7 Months old:
* Rolling everywhere
*Eating lots of Baby Food (Favorites are: Sweet Potatoes, and Bananas)Although he has never once rejected any food I've given him:)
*Sitting up
*Sleeping from about 7:00pm-6:00am(Thank you Carson!)
*Starting to reach and scoot for toys
* Weighs a whopping 23 lbs. (98th percent for weight)
*Loves music
He is such a good baby, and we just love him so much!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Today is my dad's birthday, he is the most hardworking, kind, generous, self-less, etc. etc. person I Know. I am so honored and blessed to be his daughter. I hope you have a great birthday dad! We Love you so much!

Dad and his 2 girls

Friday, August 1, 2008

Carson has been Mr. Personality lately, so I had to post these funny pictures of him. Can't believe how big he's getting!

Ella and Carson in there Pj's, love footed pajamas!