Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Happy St. Patrick's day! These little holidays are so fun with ther kids! They were so excited to get up and get dressed in green. Ella insisted on wearing green from head to toe. She said"There is no way I'm getting pinched today.":)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Best Daddy!

Our kids are so lucky to have Chad as their dad. He is seriously the BEST dad and is always coming up with the funnest little games and activities to play with them. No matter how tired he is after work he ALWAYS makes time to stop and play with them. They are both wrapped around his finger, even when Ella wants him to play dress-up with her he is such a good sport and will play with her.:)

Making a volcano experiment:

Hes probably going to kill me for posting this pic of him in a pink hat..:)