Saturday, September 25, 2010

Past few months

I'm finally back to blogging after a long break. We have some exciting news.... We are expecting baby #3 in March 2011. We are beyond excited and feel so blessed. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. We will find out if it is a sweet baby boy or sweet baby girl on Oct. 20th. The kids are so excited as well and are constantly kissing and hugging my expanding belly.:) So between being really tired and sick during the first trimester and moving to a new house in the middle of summer, you can see why I have neglected this blog. Here are some pictures from the past few months.....

Ella started preschool again in August, her Aunt Alli is her teacher and BFF/Cousin Sophie is in her class. She loves preschool!!!

Carson thought he was going to preschool too:) Water Balloon fun

Celebrating Chad's Birthday:

Cute poster Ella made: