Friday, November 28, 2008

Good Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving, especially since we thought we would be spending Thanksgiving alone at our house. Our whole family has been so so sick with the flu for the past 6 days:( Who has ever heard of the 6 day flu?!? It was a living nightmare!It was so hard because all 4 of us had it at the same time! We were all luckily feeling a little better on Thanksgiving and were able to spend it with our families. It was such a fun, relaxing day and of course the food was amazing! In honor of Thanksgiving I wanted to list some of the many things I am THANKFUL for:

* Our wonderful families
* Motherhood
* The Gospel
* That my kids are finally over the flu:)
* A nice warm bed to sleep in
* A husband who works so hard to provide for us
* 2 healthy children
* Yummy Thanksgiving food:)

I always feel like I have to include pictures in my posts, here are a few I took on Thanksgiving:

Ella just being Ella:)
My Beautiful sister and me

Our attempt at taking a picture with all the grandkids and grandma and grandpa

(As you can see it didn't go so well)

Carson and Grandpa

Hope everyone had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy 5 Years

Today, Chad and I celebrate half a decade of being married! I can't even believe it! Some days it feels like we have already been married for 20 years, but most of the time it feels like we just got married yesterday. I am so thankful to have Chad in my life, he does so much for our family. He is the person I want to spend the rest of my life and eternity with, and I am so glad he is the father of my children. I love you so much Chad, Happy Anniversary!

Pictures of us dating 2002-2003:

A few hours after he popped the question:)

Engagement Pictures:
Wedding Pictures:

Our Honeymoon

First apartment
First Christmas together as a married coupleOn the first anniversary of our engagement, we took a picture at the spot where he proposed.
What the last 5 years have brought, a happy family of four:)


We celebrated our anniversary last night in Fountain Hills. We stayed at a resort called The Inn at Eagle Mountain. Chad arranged everything, and he did such a great job. He proposed to me at the fountain in Fountain Hills, so that is why he wanted to stay there. We went to a yummy Steakhouse called "Water's Edge", which was right across from the fountain. After dinner we took a walk by the fountain and reminisced. We had such a great evening together, what a great way to celebrate 5 years together!

"The Fountain"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged!!! This is the first time I have done this so this should be fun! Here are 8 random things about me:

1. I read the newspaper every morning, and have to read the obituaries ( I know.... Weird) But they are very interesting to me!

2. I have to talk to my mom on the phone everyday. Not just once, but multiple times. Very rarely does a day go by that we don't talk. My day just seems to get better once I have talked to my mom.

3. I love being pregnant! (besides the 50+ pounds I gain:) I don't get sick at all ( I know i'm very lucky!) I love the anticipation, and knowing I am carrying a precious baby inside. The best is feeling the baby move around. Now if I could just have easy labors:) and no I am not pregnant, even though I love being, I am soooo not ready:)

4. I am addicted to TV. I have a show almost every night of the week, and my DVR is constantly full.

5. I hate doing laundry! It's just such a process to wash, dry, fold, then put away. I would love to hire someone strictly to do my laundry!

6. I love Peanut Butter! I eat it by the spoonfuls. I'm really obsessed when I'm pregnant, I would go through a jar in a matter of days.

7. Being a mom is definantely the best and hardest job I have ever had! I just feel so blessed to have Ella and Carson as my children, they bring me sooo much happiness.

8. I am not an animal person at all. I am actually kind of scared of most animals. Growing up the only animal we had was a fish, so maybe thats why I'm this way, just not used to them. Chad on the other hand is a major animal lover! He did convince me to get a dog a few years ago, but the dog lives at his parents. Thank you Jill for taking such good care of him:)

There is everything you wanted to know about me, and More! :)

I tag......... whoever wants to do this!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Halloween is definantely one of my favorite holidays, free candy need I say more:) It's so much fun to get the kids dressed up to go trick-or-treating. Ella especially enjoyed it this year, because she was old enough to understand what it was all about. Carson loved just chillin in the wagon trying to steal candy:)We had such a great Halloween and had so much fun spending it with family! Now we have Thanksgiving to look forward to! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

Ella should have worn the skunk costume, she refused to look at the camera!

Our nephew Kasen, had the cutest police costume!

Carson's in heaven, munching on candy he snatched!