Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

We had the best Memorial Day weekend! We started it out on Saturday night with a BBQ at Chad's grandpas with the Huber's. We had such a great time eating, swimming, and just being with family! On Memorial Day, Chad went fishing with his dad and brother, while the kids and I went over to my sister's for more swimming fun. My sister has the funnest pool, it was like being at a resort pool:) We had a yummy lunch of subs, chips, veggies and dip, cookies etc. The kids had so much fun swimming and playing with there cousins. What a great weekend of eating, swimming, and being with our wonderful families!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

8 Things

I was tagged by my friend Therena!

Here it goes...............

8 Things I look forward to:
Carson going to nursery
Holidays (especially Christmas)
Waking up every morning and seeing my sweet babies
Sundays with my family
Doing fun stuff with my kids
Date nights
Nap and bedtime
So you Think you can Dance.....Starts tonight:)

8 Things I did Yesterday:
Went to Ross
Watched American Idol(Very happy with results:)
Played with kids outside
Went to Carraba's to celebrate my brother in laws b-day
Did lots of laundry, that I still need to put away!
Ate way too much cake and ice cream at b-day party:( Gym here I come!
Went to Ned's for lunch
Had a great time visiting with friends and family

8 things I wish I could do:
Be more crafty and creative
Be more patient
Eat what I want and not gain weight
Not worry so much about everything
Have a cleaner house
Be a better mom
Be a better friend
Do more service

8 shows I watch:
The Hills
Biggest Loser
One Tree Hill
Grey's Anatomy
Friday Night Lights
So You Think You Can Dance

8 people I tag:
Becky R.
Becki H.

Thanks Therena, that was fun!:)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ella's First Dance Recital

Ella had her first dance recital on Saturday. She did the cutest little dance to "Mary Had a Little Lamb". I was a little nervous how she would do on the big stage, but she did such a great job and loved every second of it! We are so sad that dance is over now, but looking forward to swim lessons soon:)

My mom was so cute, and gave Ella a gift after the recital. Here is Ella posing with her lambs from Grandma.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Growing up

I can't believe how big my baby boy is getting. He will be 16 months tomorrow. It just blows my mind that he is already this big. He has been so much fun lately, and is starting to develop such a cute and funny personality. He also has a very naughty side to him. He has been up to a lot of mischief recently such as: spilling bright red nail polish all over the carpet, knocking over garbage cans, climbing on tables, coloring all over the walls, etc.etc. its hard to get to mad when he flashes his innocent little smile. I can't help but laugh even though its frustrating:) This is mostly for journaling purposes, so here are some of the things Carson is doing now.
Words he says:
la la.... meaning Ella
ut oh
Favorite Foods:
Peanut butter
Bananas- will not eat them cut up has to be the whole thing:)
Hot dogs
Mac and Cheese
chicken... especially nuggets:)
He will almost always clean his plate, loves to eat eat eat!!!
More about Carson:
*He waves hi and bye to everyone he sees everywhere we go
*He gives hugs and kisses
*Loves balls and calls everything that is a circle shape a ball. Such as: Balloons, apples, oranges etc.
*Loves Ella so much, if he wakes up before she does, he tries to open her door and wake her up. As soon as he hears her door open in the morning he runs upstairs as fast as he can to see her.
*Loves Barney and Teletubbies
*Loves dogs, will go right up to them at the park and isn't scared one bit(Definitely a Huber:))
*Loves to climb on EVERYTHING
*Loves to get into everything that he shouldn't
*Loves to dance, if you say dance and play some music he will bounce up and down! So cute!
*When he is really tired he holds his ear and LOVES to have his Binky
* He is such a great sleeper(Thank you Carson!)

I love this little guy so much!I feel so blessed to be his mom. I look forward to each and everyday with him!

No wonder he loves Ella so much, she feeds him ice cream!:)

Cuddling with daddy at the mall

getting into something he shouldn't.....mama's diet coke!

All ready for church

So sad!

Painting with Ella

Being silly in the car